Sing from your heart, But always keep learning!  Let your joy shine through!

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Pamela Thomas Vocal Studio

What do i offer you as a teacher?

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If you are looking for a teacher with knowledge and experience, who offers a safe, positive and supportive environment - contact me!


I can help you learn to sing correctly and beautifully as well as help you discover how to connect with and move your audience.

A complete approach to performing: 

  • A solid vocal technique that will give you confidence in auditions and performances.

  • An individualized approach that allows me to address specific vocal problems.

  • Repertoire consultation, audition preparation and acting/interpretation.

  • A passion for music and singing that I hope will inspire you.

  • Strong communication skills - a positive and supportive approach to singing.

  • Dedication to helping you succeed with your goals and dreams.

  • A comfortable and welcoming atmosphere where questions are always welcome.

  • And most importantly, you will enjoy your lessons in a positive and fun atmosphere. If you don't have joy when you sing - why sing?