Pamela Thomas Vocal Studio

I have been going to Pamela for vocal coaching for a while now. She is absolutely phenomenal. She gives positive feedback and is always full of helpful ideas with vocal exercises, picking the best key to sing a song in, and letting me know what my strengths and weaknesses are and how to improve. She also holds a class once a month so we can perform in front of others and get feedback from a theatrical standpoint. In other words it's a great experience for exploring what to do with ourselves physically while we are singing and how to connect with the song. I personally found it extremely helpful. I have had stage fright my whole life so performance has never been my strong suit. This class is a wonderful way to receive support, suggestions, and tips to improve our performance. By the way if you don't have time to warm-up before the class DONT WORRY she will lead us through vocal warmups before we start performing. :)

Lisa K.

I have known and worked with Pamela Thomas for over 20 years as an actress and singer.  She works equally well with beginning students who need to learn basic technique as she does with advanced professionals looking to expand their knowledge.  Pamela’s wit and, most importantly, positive approach will inspire her students and keep them engaged, hopeful, confident, and successful in their dedication to their art.  Pamela has a very extensive knowledge of repertoire, and in addition to being very skilled at training the voice she is a wonderful acting coach, helping her students analyze their role and their songs in detail.  She then shows them how to translate that knowledge of character into their singing voice and behavior, so that they can connect with their audience emotionally while respecting the intentions of the composer and lyricist.  This approach frees the voice to reveal its full potential, because it connects the heart and soul with vocal production, which gives any voice authenticity and genuineness.  I wholeheartedly recommend Pamela to you as a vocal teacher and/or coach – I think you will learn a lot, and grow as a singer, musician and actor.

Cheryl Aden

Ms. Thomas is a wonderful teacher who is quite knowledgeable of the operatic repertoire. Already after a few lessons I am learning how to release jaw and tongue tension, and to better connect my breath to the body. I highly recommend her for introductory students as well as those pursuing an operatic career.

Michelle R.

Pamela is a great singer and magnificent teacher. Working with her is not only the way to fantastic vocal improvement but also really great fun. She helps you to find vocal abilities you've never expected to have. Pamela is very supportive and works hard to build your self-esteem, which is really important in this job. She helped me a lot! She is also very warm and joyful person. Every lesson with her just helps you to understand why people love to sing!! I really recommend Pamela to everybody who wants to learn how to sing or just wants to improve vocal skills and discover hidden potential.

Zuzanna Ducka

Pamela Thomas is a fine vocal instructor with a vast knowledge of the concepts of the Swedish/Italian Singing School. She has a great deal of teaching and performing experience and presents vocal concepts in concise and understandable language. I can recommend Pamela Thomas as a fine instructor of voice, as she knows how to work carefully with all styles of singers in all genres.

David Jones, International Vocal Pedagogue

With her extensive experience as a singer and vocal coach, Pamela has taught me to find an inner voice that I never expected to have. She helped me to not just bring out that voice, but also to modulate and play with it appropriately. As every good mentor she's also very supportive of my personal emotions, encouraging me to use them as I sing. When you reach the perfect pitch while also expressing your truest emotions, it just feels so great! I've experienced other vocal coaches and I've never reached so many achievements as with Pamela. Excellent coach and mentor!

Caridad del Valle

I had an absolutely fantastic lesson with Pamela today, and I am so glad to be able to work with her! I'm a very out of practice singer (I haven't sung anything in about a decade) and I wanted to begin lessons again to get my voice back in shape. Pamela gave me an excellent variety of vocal exercises to begin with, and I went from feeling very discouraged to very excited to be singing again. She was pleasant and encouraging, along with being extremely knowledgeable. I very much look forward to our future lessons, and I highly recommend her, especially for someone like me who has newly returned to, or new to singing.

Ariel A.

I just started working with Pamela a few weeks ago, but so far in my experience I find her to be a patient, kind and incredibly knowledgable presence in the room. Thanks to her established and tailored exercises, I begin to hear a difference in my voice! She's also helped me to choose fresh material that highlights my sound, and helped me to feel more confident. I definitely plan to keep attending these lessons!

Brittany A.

I have not been working with Pamela for long, so ask me again in a couple of months and I'll probably change to 5 stars! So far I enjoy my lessons and the exercises we do have already expanded my range. My high E used to be just a squeak but now I can really sing it after only a few lessons, and I even feel more confident with my lower range - something that has always been a struggle. I look forward to seeing what is in store with her guidance. I fully recommend Miss Pamela!

Hayley L.

Pamela was first recommended to me by another voice teacher whom I had studied with. I was recovering from an extended bout with laryngitis and had become worried that I had hurt my vocal chords. At that session, Pamela carefully guided me through exercises and by the end of the lesson, she established that my chords were fine. That was well over a year ago. I am consistently impressed with her ability to hear exactly what is needed to bring the full voice to the fore. I have been studying voice for over thirty-five years and have had wonderful teachers along the way, yet Pamela has introduced me to work that I have never experienced before. As a result, my voice is more free and robust than I thought possible. Pieces that used to be difficult to negotiate I now sing with ease. She is consistently generous and focused on the work. I highly recommend Pamela to any student lucky enough to work with her. Oh, and I like her name too!!!!


"Pamela is wonderful! She is a very talented teacher. After our first lesson together I already felt like a better singer! She is professional and very kind. A true gem."

Sara S.

find your voice - and share it!

The Chain Bridge (across the Danube) in Budapest.

I'm afraid words don't do justice to convey what a special teacher Pamela Thomas is. She is supportive and nurturing, and her teaching is concerned with strengthening, while at the same time, protecting one's singing voice (a poor teacher can actually damage the voice!). She is that teacher you want to please who ends up helping you feel proud of yourself in the process. I went from barely reaching soprano notes to dramatically opening up and even experimenting in coloratura singing! Her expertise in audition preparation has been one of the best learning experiences I've had as a singer. She is conservatory trained so she has a lot of guidance in the way of performances. And when I suddenly found myself with a steady solo opportunity at a church, her experience as a Musical Director at the Good-Shepherd Faith Presbyterian Church helped considerably in making appropriate music choices for services. Lessons are an enjoyable experience where we exchange pieces we're excited about; I have found the *best* operatic and sacred songs through her. Pamela also has a wicked sense of humor. Whether you're seeking to do opera, broadway, pop or lieder, trust that Pamela can get you singing stronger, more confidently and at the core of it, with solid vocal technique.

Sokunthary Svay

Pam is great! I am a dancer with very little voice training and Pam has really helped me to find my voice. She's patient, understanding, and really knows how to modify a lesson to cater to your personal needs. In just a few short months I've seen tremendous growth in my voice AND confidence. Can't wait to see how far I'll go!

Chelsea P.

"I love my classes with Pamela. She is a great teacher. She is very visual in her explanations and work with me until I get it and get it right. I feel I am improving a lot.
Pamela is a wonderful person and easy to work with. The lessons are always fun. Also, she is very accomodating with my schedule changes, which I appreciate a lot."

Oana P.

"Pamela is fantastic! I've only had two private lessons with her so far and already she has helped me fine tune my voice a lot. She is truly a great teacher and knows how to guide and help you to work on both your strengths and weaknesses. Before going to Pamela I knew I could carry a tune, but after utilizing her instruction she has helped me unlock a much more refined side of my voice. Truly a brilliant teacher!"

Olivia G.

Pamela is wonderful! She's kind, knowledgeable, encouraging and packs so much into her hour lesson. My only downside is I haven't been practicing enough between lessons. But even with that weakness on my part, I'm seeing big improvents just from our sessions. I've had eight so far. Now that I'm committed to practicing every day , who knows how far I'll go? So glad I found Pamela!! She's great!!!

Kevin V.

"Pamela is a marvellous teacher! From our first meeting she boosted my performing confidence tremendously. Her training and extensive knowledge of technique, plus her personal experience as a performer, enabled her to identify my vocal strengths and weaknesses from the offset. No time was wasted in exercising and improving by ability. If you are looking for a wonderfully warm and professional vocal coach who will encourage and invite you to explore, expand (and challenge) your talents, then look no further. Thanks Pamela - looking forward to singing with you again soon!"

Jessica V.

"Pamela is terrific! I've been seeing her once a week for about three months and her techniques have really slowed me to reach new levels of skill in my abilities. She's also very adept at suggesting songs that play to your new strengths depending on your musical goals. Excellent instructor!"

Ronald E.

Lovely Teacher
"Pamela was wonderful. She really made me feel comfortable, and helped me to improve my vocal skills immensely. I would highly recommend her to both new and experienced singers. She offers a unique personal approach to her lessons, and focuses on not just technique, but also performance quality and artistry."

Ellen G.

"Pamela is just SO great. In our meeting I felt comfortable and welcome. She is not only professional- but, she is friendly and warm. She suggested a number for an audition that I would've never known of- but in her opinion she felt my voice would carry- and she was right. Highly recommend any level singer going to her- even if for just the trial period."

Julie B.

"I love my classes with Pamela. She is a great teacher. She is very visual in her explanations and work with me until I get it and get it right. I feel I am improving a lot.
Pamela is a wonderful person and easy to work with. The lessons are always fun. Also, she is very accomodaing with my schedule changes, which I appreciate a lot."

Oana P.

Excellent Vocal Coach
"Excellent Vocalist. Excellent vocal coach. Excellent teaching skills."

Ruth E.

"Pamela is amazing. She has been my voice teacher for while now, and I always look forward to our lessons. She is kind, honest, and truly sees the talent in potential in all who come to her. I'm a actress by training and new to the singing world, and she has opened my eyes to how fun voice training is and how everyone can sing if they have the will and passion (and the right teacher, which she certainly is)."

Samantha L.